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The Energy of Abundance and Prosperity.

Do you need more money, prosperity, cash and abundance in your life?

Psychic Readings by Summer Moon

This is for a 30 minute reading by phone. After you purchase, Summer Moon will contact you by email to set up the best time for your appointment.

Understanding Toxicity DVD

In this presentation Kimberli  discusses the everyday toxic exposures we face.  She also shares a case study of a client who had an extreme exposure to volatile solvents and the de

Spiritual and Emotional Healing DVD

In this presentation Kimberli questions why the law of attraction does not work for everyone.  Why some can manifest healings and happiness and others can not.

Awaken Your Supernatural Abilities Videos

 I have put together some videos, it is not the same as being in the class.  However, you can get a beginning level of knowledge if you are unable to attend in person.  

Beginning Light Language

Beginning Light Language Beginning Light Language Mayan Sacred Geometry and Color From the Curanderizmo lineage of Vera Cruz, Mexico co

Intermediate Light Language

Light Language lI Powerful Healing Grids Continuing on the Curandizmo path of light language, the intermediate level will teach you to w

Light Language I and lI Package

  Purchase both classes to receive a discount.  

Facial Physiognamy - what is your face showing you?

Facial Physiognamy -   Learn what your face is telling you about your health.   Physiognamy is the art of analyzing facial features to determine the state of health and character of