Ghoul B. Gone

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Various Ghoul B. Gone items for spiritual cleansing and protection.

Ghoul B. Gone Bath Salts

Use Approx 2 Tablespoons per bath to cleanse your energy field.

Ghoul B. Gone Candle

If you are under spiritual attack, this candle will assist you. Vanilla and sandalwood scented.

Chi Spray (Ghoul B. Gone undercover!)

Ghoul B. Gone Room Spray stealthily packaged with a different label. Chi Spray!

Ghoul B. Gone Candle Large

8oz glass infused with the Ghoul B. Gone mystical blend in a soy beeswax blend lightly scented with vanilla and sandalwood

Spray and Candle Combo

Double your protection! 4 oz Room Spray and Candle cobo.

Ghoul B. Gone Room Spray 8oz Bottle

This 8 oz bottle packs a powerful punch! Double the size of the original bottle!

8 oz Spray and Candle Combo

Double up on your protection! Includes an 8 oz Ghoul B. Gone Room Spray

Spray with Refill Bottle Combo Pack

Get more ghouls gone for the buck and save some dollars when buying a combo pack! This Combo contains a 4 oz spray bottle of your choice

Candle Combo Pack

This sweet deal includes an Angles Arrive Candle, Ghoul B. Gone Candle and a 4 oz Spray bottle of your choice!

Spray, Candle and Refill Combo

Take charge with this spray, refill and candle combo pack!