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“I am a music teacher, teaching violin to school kids. Ghoul B. Gone has been an absolute blessing in my studio! I spray it in the room before I start teaching, and the kids are far more focused and engaged, and way less distracted. My special needs students have made great strides in their ability to connect with me personally, which has been a major struggle for years. I am profoundly grateful for the transformations that have occurred in my teaching studio. Thank you!” G.D., Music Instructor

Hey lady, have a testimonial for you. I gave my sister one of the candles. Her neighbor works for a vault company burys people for a living. He always feels like something comes home with him from the cemeteries. Last week, the neighbors wife mentioned to C. that she felt something came home with him that week and she felt very uncomfortable. C. gave her the candle, told her to take off the lid, not light it and say out loud that they did not want the spirit at their home. The next morning the neighbor returned the candle and told C. “It worked, like almost immediately we felt peaceful and calm”. Candles Rock!!!! Dead of Night Paranormal

Hello Kim,

I met you at the mufon conf in Cincinnati. I love the Chi spray. Makes the room feel great. 🙂

Hello Kimberli,
I would like to write a testimonial for the class ( Awaken your Intuition,Supernatural Abilities and Gifts) I recently took. I am still riding ‘high’ from the experience!
First off, I have meditated over 12 years on a daily bases (took classes on the subject and was taught by a very knowledgeable Tai Chi teacher) and the two techniques you introduced to the class are unbelievably powerful (THAT WAS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION) . Within a minute or so, I am now able to reach deep meditation at higher vibrations within my third eye and crown chakras than I have ever been able to achieve before.
When you cleared the suppressing issues that I have been carrying around inside for who knows how long, I KNOW within, that these blocks are no longer in my thought patterns. These programs just do not exist within me anymore, amazing.
This class was so cool to be able to experience astral and mental body viewing. I have studied this subject and listened to countless interviews and finally to be able to actually do it, WOW is about all I can say. I thought it was a wonderful teaching/intuitive way you taught the class. Everyone got personal time and personal teachings at each ones level that I witnessed growth in every participant in that class.
The name Soul Retriever given to you by the Tuallip Indian Grandmother, describes you perfectly. It feels like fractures in my soul have been put back into adjustment. I realize you can only ‘open the door’ and the real work comes from Ones own diligence but to have the blocks removed, you have made it possible for me to continue down my path of spiritual growth. The osmosis effect of being in your vibrational energy field, I know has integrated into my own aura just waiting to be downloaded when oneself opens up to it completely.
What’s the old saying ,when the student is ready the teacher will appear.Well if you are reading this I have a strong feeling you might have found your teacher.
I am definitely going to contact you for other affordable classes. I recently seen you on an interview talking about a light language course you will be teaching, count me in:)

Thank you thank you thank you,

I don’t know how it works, but I do know THAT it works! this stuff is amazing if you feel like there are bad joo-joo energies around you, your house or your loved ones, get yourself some and start spraying it around. Thanks Kimberli for this amazing stuff…the incense is awesome too!

I used Ghoul B Gone as one of my tools last weekend to clear a friend’s house of bad energy left behind by his energy-vampire ex. It worked beautifully. He feels better physically and she has stopped harassing him via phone and email. My friend also got his sex drive back after I cleared his home with it. He was so depressed and obsessed while going through detox from the woman that he lost all sex drive and couldn’t get it up even for himself. Within 2 hours of clearing the house, he was back in business!…I am a very experienced energy worker and I love having Ghoul B Gone, it is an invaluable tool in the Clearing work that I do.

You’re just so awesome & I know I’m not alone in love & appreciation for you, keep up the amazing work, love!!!!!

“I don’t use my gbg enough… I need it hooked up to a sprinkler system.”

“And of course, getting to receive Kimberli’s “time machine change” is also fantastic!! This is the biggest improvement EVER. YAY!!”

“Dear Kimberli, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wisdom and guidance today as you helped me see my struggle more clearly and guided me in how to address this and improve my life. You are truly an amazing person. Thank you again for your help.”

“This stuff works!”

“Ghoul – B- Gone is peaceful and releases negative energy in a big way. It is STRONG in the fact that this stuff works! It really works! I rely on it when doing any meditation, energy work, or prayer.  If I feel too much tension within my home or work, I just do a quick spray of the area and feel the difference! I myself use it in place of actual smudging in my home due to smoke problems.”

“My testimony of Ghoul B gone runs deep. I spray my house every other night and extra at times when strangers have been in my home. It works on a different level than smudging and trust me, everyone needs to use this blessed product for it is liquid light!!! It changes everyone’s emotions from sad or angry to happy and understanding. I use it when I don’t feel well or when others do not feel well. Many times sickness comes from being under spiritual attack. I believe it gives me energy when I am drained! But the BIGGEST thing Ghoul B Gone does is PREVENT EVIL, DARKNESS AND PROFOUND NEGATIVITY FROM ENTERING MY HOME!!! Thank God for the forces that blessed you with this truly magical recipe. I AM A TRUE BELIEVER!!!”

“I had my home up for sale. It was priced right below cost for the market. We needed a quick sale. We had showings but no contracts for 2 months. I started packing up some of my belongings and I came across a bottle of Ghoul be Gone. I thought ” …. might as well try it out.” I sprayed it all around the inside and outside of my house. Within three days, I had a contract on my home! Finally! I give all the credit to Ghoul be Gone!”

“So, this person calls me out of the blue and tells me they had a pain in their back for years and they sprayed it and the pain went away.  I was pretty much speechless, so slowly I asked, why do you think that happened?  They said the pain started when he was working in an office and the b@#ch in the cubicle behind him was always hating on him.  Who knew?”

“I do appreciate the extras you have included in my orders. I have a small 10 year old patient who is first class in gymnastics. There is a family who moved to  her class and the whole family projects bad energy toward her, she had two bad falls from a height after they started their campaign. She is  more skilled  than the two daughters in that family.

I gave her some of your products and she was very pleased to receive it. She’s been doing much better since, in spite of them.   

Thanks Kimberli

Everybody needs a bottle of this stuff!”

“Have a told you how wonderful the ghoul-be-gone is for clearing energy in my clinic room?  I’m a midwife and sometimes the energy can get heavy with what goes on in women’s lives etc.  At first I would use it when I felt it was heavy, and it would be amazing!  Even students who work with me would notice the difference.  Then I just started lightly spraying the room after each person left.  Women come in and smile, and have even said, “it always feels so good in here”.  When the day is crazy busy, I just keep a candle burning.”