Crazy stuff with eggs to get rid of negative energies


Recently, I have started using eggs to cleanse my energy field.  I started by just clearing myself.  It takes several days for the process to work.  When I used the first egg, immediately putting it in place I had a vision of a chest x-ray.  Well, that was a tiny bit disturbing. Two days later I broke my rib, then went to the doctor and was looking at a chest x-ray.  For the first week I was in terrible pain, but the pain level has decreased much faster than expected and my rate of healing is also better than expected.

So now after working just on myself I did a few days using the eggs to clear the 4 corners of my house.  See the pictures below.  Can you guess which corner the bad neighbors live in?  I am not sure what I caught, thought forms, a demon, or just bad energy.  What ever it is, it is now gone.  Traditionally, you would want to take the eggs and carefully dispose of them away from your house.  But I just wanted to see.

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August 25, 2015