Awaken Your Supernatural Abilities Videos

Date:October 10, 2015 3:48 am

 I have put together some videos, it is not the same as being in the class.  However, you can get a beginning level of knowledge if you are unable to attend in person.  

Pt 1 Consciousness 
What is consciousness? Are you resonating high enough to manifest your reality? Understand how you program that reality, everyday.
Pt 2 Pineal Gland 
How is the pineal gland important? How does it relate to your inner and outer being? Learn how to balance and detoxify the pineal gland.
Pt 3 Muscle Testing 7:07
Learn how to determine the bodies response to different energetic inputs.
Pt. 4 The Essene Mirrors 4:45
All that is happening is a reflection of your inner world, what does it reflect back to you?
Pt 5 Chakras and Meridians. 
Learn about the energetic pathways of the body.
Pt 6 Hand Chakra 8:39
Activating the chakra in your hand.
Pt 7 Wounded Healer 
Pt 8 Remote and Psychic Sensing  
Work with the mental and the astral body to feel the difference between psychic and remote sensing.
Pt 9 Energy Drains 
Identify what is draining your energy and how to stop it.
Pt 10 Out of Body Meditation - Best with headphones 20:00
Beautiful meditation. Relax and get comfortable. Headphones suggested. Lightly in the background I am using binaral beats to help relax your mind.
Pt 11 Time Codes 
By changing your awareness you can change the way you experience time.