My Cosmic Life DVD

Date:August 12, 2016 9:23 am

This presentation is a live account of some of the experiences documented in my book, My cosmic life.


As you experience her journey of the bizarre and unusual.


Kimberli Ridgeway’s e-book, My Cosmic Life, allows the reader to connect to their inner most beautiful dreams and darkest fears.  This is a compilation of paranormal and mystical true-life short stories that take the reader thru the journey of this modern day shaman.   From ancient knights in the hall of records to modern day frights and delights, meeting both the Devil and Christ, she has had an inspirational journey. Will her mystical blend of her life inspire the fascination and awe in your own?

The e-book will be available on and free for download March 8th -12, 2016.

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Kimberli is a Spiritual Healer and has worked with the alternative healing arts for about 2 decades, her Native American name is Soul Retriever. She has learned many techniques, gained valuable insight and had her eyes opened to many possibilities that exist beyond our realm of knowing.  Over the years, she has seen many things, things that defy a normal explanation. She has followed these deviations from the norm to help restore the people she was working with to a state of peace.  Learn more at her website