Master Healer Set

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  • This is a set of 12 - 1 oz bottles.
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This is a set of 12 – 1 oz bottles.

What you will receive is different than what is pictured above.

My Gem Essences are made in the Dr Bach tradition.
I have used them for over a decade in my healing profession and seen them make profound changes while doing energetic clearings.
Please notice that all of my essences are sold in 1 oz bottles.
This is at least double the size of other essences I have seen elsewhere.

What you are buying is called stock solution.
You can, and I do, use this strength. It can be stored for many years, just keep it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
To make a user bottle, put 3 drops of stock solution in one ounce of spring water. Add 1 tsp of either brandy or glycerin. (I prefer brandy.)
Refrigerate the user bottle and use within 6 months. Can also be added to bath.

Up to six different essences may be mixed in a user bottle, depending on your needs. It is best to start slow, with 3 essences and build up to as many as 6.

The master healer stones and the lore associated with them.

Agate – Strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing, protection, discernment of truth, and ability to accept circumstances, grounding but energetic.

Apache Tears – THE “GRIEF STONE”. Allows for tears to be shed. Stimulates emotional spontaneity and the release of barriers that prevent the experiencing of deep sorrow. This helps to transmute one own negativity under stressful situations.

Citrine – Radiation Poisoning, fear and nightmares. Helps detoxify the mind and body, diminish self-destructive tendencies, and raise self-esteem. Hope and cheerfulness. Said to work with kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, and heart and tissue regeneration

Copper – Helps to release blocked energy and stimulate blood flow. Body and mind. Helps to relieve exhaustion and sexual imbalance.

Diamond – Helps to enhance brain functions, dispel negativity, body and mind purification. Said to increase will and power. Abundance, innocence, purity, and faithfulness.

Emerald – Helps to enhance dreams and insight. Helps to bring out the potential with us. Used for prosperity, love, kindness, tranquility, patience and emotional balance, heart, liver, kidneys, immune and nervous system.

Gold – Helps to ease depression, balance thought and attract positive energy. Aides in balancing heart and brain, energy, tissue regeneration, circulation, and nervous system.

Jasper – Helps to restrain dangerous desires and bring change. Known for protection, beauty, and health. Liver, gallbladder and bladder.

Kunzite – Helps with addictive behavior, and surrender to God. Aids manic depression, balance, self-esteem, tolerance, acceptance, soothing and calming. Cardio-vascular system

Obsidian – Masculine. Helps with detachment and grounding, connecting mind and emotions. Helps to clear subconscious  blocks, brings understanding of silence and clear negativity, stomach and intestines.

Tourmaline, Green – Known for problems associated with parents/parenting. Helps with sleep, dispelling fear, protection, concentration, inspirationand understanding, endocrine system.

Turquoise – Helpful with environmental toxins, peace of mind, communication, expression, communication, friendship and loyalty. Helps to strengthen the entire body.

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