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At the age of 3 Spirit contacted me through a picture of Pharaoh Tutt’s burial mask. I found myself in a trance sitting in meditation style absorbing what I was being told.  When I was released from the trance I was very confused. I was told these were things I needed to know and Spirit wanted to let me know. I found myself telling my Mom about the entire thing. I told her what all I was telepathically taught. I won’t go into all that was “downloaded” in my trance, but all of a sudden at 3 I’m telling my Mom how Spirit telepathically and at times audible saying,  now that I was born it was time to learn. My Mom always supported me. Within the year she and I began my training with my telepathic abilities, knowing what shape her card was (star on it, waves on it, etc…) While doing so she openly encouraged me to learn all I can about any and all spiritual paths so that I could make an informed decision for myself on what resonated within my own soul. Such a smart woman! Years later I met my mentor Kimberli and where my Mom left off Kimberli knew I had “it” in the way of my gifts and she took me by the hand and began teaching how to handle my different gifts. That’s my story. I’m just a special soul sent down to be born on earth and to help others and THAT’S what is important to me! Helping people with my gifts when they are needing me.


Talents:  Afterlife communication, automatic writing, mental projection, clairvoyant, medium, precognition, remote viewing, retro cognition, telepathy with spirit, claire empathy, and empath.

Summer Moon is awesome! Through a friend she did a reading for me she knew info about my situation that she could not have known she is the real deal! Definitely I would recommend her to anyone! Kimberly Krause

Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! Thank you for your right on reading Summer Moon picked up on a lot of details and she was able to pinpoint issues and even one that was a family secret.  Angela Smith

SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!  Answered my question before I asked it. Troy Anna Pratt

She has told me things, that no one else can see. As far as I am concerned she has saved me alot of grief. Kimberli


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