Psychic Self Defense

Psychic Self Defense

by Rev Kimberli Ridgeway


“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” 
Sun Tzu, The Art of War


If you feel as though you may be under psychic attract, then you are most likely correct.  Most people are, just simply by haters saying they hate all xyz people.  My guess is that you are most likely a person and fall into an xyz category.  This statement alone makes what are called thought forms.  Thought forms can be very powerful and act like a psychic attack.   Then there are other attacks that are much more deviant in nature.  I recently had a client call me.  He said his foot was hurting.  Immediately my Spirit guides told me voodoo doll.  He responded by telling me that I was not in my right mind.  Well, that was not the response I expected.  However, the next day he called me and said he had just removed a 2 inch needle from his foot and thought, maybe he needed to speak to me some more.  YIKES!!!  As it turns out, it was coming from a jealous co-worker.


This is just one of 1000’s of stories I could tell you.  I am only one person, there are many like me.  But even if we all worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, we could not help all of those who need our services.  I have put together a list of simple things you can do that will help you if you feel as though you may be exposed to any attacks coming from the mental or astral planes.

This report or the suggestions in it should never take the place of a doctor’s care.


Have you ever been around an energy vampire?  You know the types, after you have been around them for any length of time, you just feel drained.  If you can, avoid them.  If that is not possible, then cross your arms over your heart, cross your legs, and put your tongue behind your two top front teeth when n their presence.  This will close down your energy circuit.  It is not a healthy decision to stay closed off for any length of time, however it helps to hold your energy and prevent it from being drained.  Then, do not participate in the drama.  Energy vamps usually use drama or sex to get you to connect with them.

Baths!  I like to use baths with salt, any kind will do but I like the pink Himalayan sea salt and Epsom salts.   I also like throwing a bit of baking soda in the bath as well.  Salt will help to cleanse the aura of negative energy and may also give an every so slight spark to your own batteries.  The magnesium is in the salt is known to be beneficial to the nervous system.



Check your house and make sure the wiring is grounded.  Ungrounded wiring can make some people experience symptoms that range from headaches all the way to hallucinations.   Grounded or not, if you have plugs in the house that are not in use fill them with a plastic plug.


Using your imagination do the following:

  1. See an indescribable pearlescent white light. See this white light enter the top of your head and flow thru you all the way out of the bottoms of your feet. As it is flowing thru you see the light clear any negative thoughts or emotions out of your body and aura.
  2. Create bubbles of protection around the places that you normally spend time. These places could be your house, car, bed, couch, or computer area. Then place them around your neighborhood, and keep on making bigger bubbles and include your city, county, state and country.
  3. Create a gentle vortex of white light that comes thru your house and cleanses any negative energies. Once the energies are cleared, close the vortex.

Around your house and office, use an ammonia based glass cleaner and clean your mirrors.  Then touch the mirror and say, I now create a barrier that will stop anything or anyone from traveling thru this mirror.  Ask for the mirror to be blessed and protected.

Back in the summer of 2012, I found myself taking a tour of the famous Bobby Mackie’s.  What a creepy place!  Yes, I took my Ghoul B. gone with me.  While I was in the bathroom, I noticed that the mirrors were in an L-shape around the sinks.  Not exactly the best thing in a place like that.  So, for giggles, I sprayed the mirrors with Ghoul B. Gone.  There were several other women in the bathroom with me, 2 were employees.  What happened?  You could see the entities that were using the portal hit the back of the mirror and go SPLAT!  There was a lot of traffic in those mirrors.  One of the waitresses, raised her eyebrows, looked at it, and said, yup it figures.

Some other tips about mirrors, do not have them facing one another, this will create a dimensional shift that will open a portal. Do not have a mirror facing the front door, this will reflect the good energy coming into your home.  If you have a mirror facing your bed, know it will double the number of people in your bed.  This might be good if you are single and looking, but not so good if you are married and happy.


Make your own baqua mirror.  What I do is get one from the craft store that has 8 sides.  Then with black craft paint I add the lines.   Always make sure that you start with the 3 solid lines and they remain the top of the mirror.  Then place these mirrors to each direction facing away from your home.  You can put them in windows or in a safe place outside.


Surround yourself with positive people.  People who want to use the blame, shame, anger and guilt vibrations should be avoided if at all possible.  Look to increase your understanding of the Essene Mirrors, and learn not to take things personally.  When you understand how these mirrors work, you will understand that how other people act is never about you, it is always about them.  We are all given situations, it is how we react to these situations that define us.

Eliminate worry from your mind.  I once heard it said that worry is like praying for the worst possible outcome.  Just don’t do it!  Awareness and plans of action are good things.  But did you know that 90% of the things you worry about never happen?  So, just be happy and live in your NOW moment.

If you have a welcome mat at your front door, remove it.  Do not invite unwanted energies or entities in your home.


Take classes, read books, expand your knowledge base.


Fast.  Father Malachi Martian, a famous exorcist from the Vatican, suggested this if you feel like you are under attack.  Just for a day or two, see if you can go without solid food.  It will raise your vibration and make it more difficult for anything negative to stick to you.  Always consult your physician before beginning a fast.


Pray or meditate on the following:

Ask for any connections or links that are being used to harm you from any object, photograph, scan, imprint, DNA sample or image to be crushed severed and destroyed.  NOW.

Ask to be sent protective energies, wisdom and insight.

Ask for anyone or anything doing harm to you or your family be immediately neutralized.

Ask for your energy matrix to be changed within yourself and your home, so that you will be invisible to your enemies.

Ask that only people or energies associated with your highest good be allowed to cross the threshold of your home.

Ask for a heart that can give and receive Forgiveness.


Use sage or Ghoul B. Gone Room Spray!

Please check my website for upcoming classes and webinars.

Now go out into the world, do good, love one another, and have faith that everything will be amazing! Peace ya’ll!”  Kimberli

August 15, 2015